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Update time : 2021-10-31 17:01:00
Ten years ago, Liuyang had thousands of large and small fireworks factories, some of which were poorly managed, incomplete facilities, and poor quality products. The government has been expending a lot of manpower and financial resources in this regard.
In order to integrate resources, Liuyang Fireworks can build a world-renowned fireworks brand and make Liuyang a world-renowned fireworks production base. The government has spent a lot of energy and support in improving the quality of Liuyang in recent years. The number of fireworks factories in the past has been reduced to more than 500 at present. According to government requirements, the ultimate goal will only be kept to around 300 high-quality factories.
At the same time, the safety of fireworks production has always been the government's top priority. Every year from July to October is the high temperature shutdown month, and sometimes even from June, production will be temporarily suspended even for all major meetings. Such as the National Congress, National Day, important festivals and events.
So for a firework factory, the actual production days per year are only about 200 days. This has caused a lot of orders to be busy with delivery, causing a certain potential hazard to safe production.

All in order to ensure punctual delivery, we recommend the following:
● Place an order: Please confirm next year's order during October to December each year.
● Production: Ensure that all orders are completed before the annual high temperature holiday.
● Delivery: We are mainly responsible for shipments during the period from August to September to October.

In order to ensure that it does not delay or affect the customer's sales season, please customers to give us cooperation and support.

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