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In March, European freight prices of fireworks fell again
Mar 15, 2023
Last week, Shanghai Huayang Transportation Co., Ltd. released the latest information on the freight in March. At present, the freight charge for fireworks in Europe has been substantially reduced, almost returning to the freight level in 2019. The price of freight for the European line in March is now announced as follows:
Liuyang - Felixstowe: $11600 (1.4G 40HQ); $13600 (1.3G 40HQ)
Liuyang - Gdansk,PL: $13600 (1.4G 40HQ); $15600 (1.3G 40HQ)
Liuyang - Hamburg/Rotterdam: $10600 (1.4G HQ); $12600 (1.3G 40HQ)
Additional Charge:

Loading Fees: $200~$300

Insurance Charge: $75
Telex-release charge: $75

1.3G Testing Charge: $125
Compared with last year, the continuous reduction of freight this year is the best news for fireworks traders all over the world.