Quality concept: Quality is fundamental
Good quality wins good word of mouth; good quality wins good market. 
Good quality is the foundation of LFX's success; Good quality is the foundation of LFX's brand. 
Total quality management lays the foundation for good quality; continuous technical transformation adds wings to good quality. 
Manufacturing concept: quality first, scale manufacturing?
Quality first, a part of any manufacturing process problems will affect the quality of the products in the manufacturing process, therefore only always adhering to the "quality first" concept, in order to continue to produce quality products, redduce scrap rate, enhance the competitiveness of products, consumers won good reputation. 
Scale manufacturing
in the homogeniation of competition is increasingly serious, product profits continue to reduce the case. in order to achieve explosive growth, LFX must constantly improve the scale of manufacturing, and increase the profit by increasing the scale of manufacturing, and realize the scale is the benefit. 
Cost concept
"the flower can not be less than one point, should not spend a point can not be more," popular words are very profound. it is reflected in the measure of "flowers should not be flowers". the standard of judging the cost concept of LFX comes from two aspects: 1, the degree of perfection of the system construction of the enterprise; 2, the guiding ideoglogy of the use of resources by the entperise leaders and the standard of judging the value of the use of the resources. LFX has always attached great importance to cost control, this control is not simply cut costs, but through the rational use of various resouces to minimize the cost enterprises, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. 
Talent concept
Talent is the foundation of an employee. we firmly do not only people, the size is more important to know from the demand of the company point of view, not just with qualifications to treat a person, really: capable, light let, yongzhe. 
morality is a higher standard to measure the quality an employee. a person without morality can not take more contribution to an enterprise even though his aiblity is stronger. we have no use for a moral employee, and the moral quality of an employee will determine how high he can go. 
for new talents, not only academic qualifications, only ability. ability standard is both ability and politcal intergrity, suitable for entperise development and market demand. 
for both talents, not seniority, only look at potential. the development of potential is advancing with times, growing up in self promotion and cerative creation. 
LFX advocates three
one is in peronnel training, advocate "the trees do not pick flowers". that it takes people concept, pay attention to cultivation of talents of entperises, rather than drawing a good-looking, do specious writting. 
Two, on the standard of talent, advocate "long distance endurance", sprint speed". only know the hard work and smart, can make the entperise stable and fast, leading peer. 
Three is in the talent atomosphere, advocates " employment is lucky, work is the edge, peace is good, and kindness is wealth."