A247 - 25mm 100sh Compound

Item No.: A247
25mm 100 Shots Compound
Caliber: 25x150mm
Packing: 2/1
NEM: 1350g
CAT.: F2
ADR: 1.3G
Effects Description:
25mm 100sh Compound -
A247-A: 25mm 25 Shots Cakes -A:1/3/5 Rows: Brocade Crown + Blue Pearls; B: 2/4 Rows: Red Peony + Blue Peony;
A247-B: 25mm 25shots Cakes - A:1/3/5 Rows: Chrys. W/Purple and Green Pearls; B: 2/4 Rows: Purple & Green Pearls + Silver Strobe;
A247-C: 25mm 25shots Cakes -  A: 1/3/5 Rows Time Rain Mine to Golden Coconut W/Red + Blue Pearls &  White Strobe; B: 2/4 Rows: Time Rain Mine to Golden Coconut W/Blue Pearls
A247-D: 25mm 25Shots Cakes - A:1/3 Rows Purple and Green Pearls + White Strobe; B: 2/4 Rows: Brocade Crown W/ Purple and Green Pearls; C: 5 row: Time Rain Mine to Time Rain Willo-w